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The AHG1000

The AHG1000 is a robust, weather-tight, vehicle-mounted auxiliary power and heating system specifically designed for unattended operation in extreme cold weather conditions, just like its big brothers, the AHG2000 & 3000.


All Ventech AHGs provide circulating heated coolant and electrical power and operate independently of the vehicle's engine to keep your vehicle's utilities fully operational 24/7. This enables the main engine to be shut down, significantly reducing main engine idling, fuel costs and tailpipe emissions.

The AHG1000 is equipped with the LHG Liquid Heat Generator from Ventech, providing extreme heating and electrical charging capabilities in the most demanding applications.

The AGH1000 is powered by the durable and reliable Kubota Super Mini 2-cylinder engine, using field-proven technology to reduce fuel consumption and weight. Budget-wise but full-featured, the AHG1000 is also equipped with a digital touchscreen display and control panel for operation from within the cab.

The AHG1000 produces 12v electrical power to keep the vehicle's batteries charged and provide for required electrical demands. It also produces an almost instantaneous flow of heated coolant to the vehicle's main engine, and other onboard services: up to 80,000 BTU’s (~24kW) of heated coolant without flame or electrical draw; more heat energy than any other APU on the market.

Ventech AGH1000 Features

The AHG1000 is compact, field serviceable, and built using premium quality materials and components rated for Arctic temperatures.

Heating & Generating
  • (Base Model) - 55,000 BTU’s/hr.  (~16kW)  

  • (Base Model plus SP1 Option) - 80,000 BTU’s/hr.  (~24kW)

  • 12V Electrical - 12V 95Amp Alternator standard


  • Engine:  Kubota Super Mini Tier 4, 2 cylinder diesel engine:

    • 14.4HP (10.8kW)

    • 2,400 RPM operating speed provides reduced engine wear and reduced maintenance.

  • Ventech LHG:  The revolutionary Ventech LHG Rapid Supplemental Heater uses state-of-the-art flameless heat technology to produce an almost instantaneous flow of circulating heated coolant for cab heating and engine pre-heat.


Extreme Arctic Packaging


Enclosure - Weather-tight Case with Service Bulkhead for easy fuel and electric hookup


Hood - Lightweight durable Glass Fiber removable hood providing access for service and maintenance


Easy Installation - Straightforward Trailer Frame mounting attachments included


Compact Design -   Case size 25” Wide x 26” Tall x 26” Deep


Containment - Case designed to capture and hold up to 110% of all on-board AHG1000 fluids

High Output Starter - 12V / 1.4 kW cold weather starter for reliability

Glow Plugs - for engine pre-heating, easier cold weather starting

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A compact, powerful APU and heat source, the AHG1000 can extend your equipment's life-span and improve your ROI by eliminating unnecessary idling while it provides power and heat for your operators.


Contact us today and we'll help you determine which Puritan AHG is right for your equipment.


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