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The Hydraulic Coolant Heater

Hydraulic Coolant Heater

Our intrinsically-safe Hydraulic Coolant Heater generates heat from hydraulic power without spark or flame when combustive propulsion is not an option.


The AHG1000, 2000 & 3000

Designed for Extreme Arctic Conditions, our AHGs are a flexible and economical heat source and APU for difficult applications and extreme climates.


Idling equipment accelerates wear and tear, consumes fuel unnecessarily, and prematurely depreciates expensive assets, A Puritan AHG minimizes fuel and idling costs, maintains your equipment at full operating temperature, keeps your operators warm and safe, and protects your investment.

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Autonomous Arctic Bathroom

An autonomous  Arctic-Rated Mobile Bathroom Facility. Complete with heating, lighting, fuel, waste/freshwater storage, and 110% Containment.


Light & Med. Diesel Engine & Cab Heater

Rapid diesel engine warmup, defrost, and cabin comfort. Our parent company offers Ventech LHG install ready kits that deliver flameless and maintenance free heat (up to and beyond 1 degree Fahrenheit per second) directly into your engine's water jacket. Reaching and maintaining engine temperature FAST, defrosting windows and heating the cabin in minutes.


Wet Stacking Abatement

Proven on generator systems operating as far north as Prudhoe Bay and North Slope Alaska. The Ventech LHG TLMS (created by our parent company) prevents wet stacking, prolongs engine life, eliminates load banking and is available as an add-on or factory installed from many new generators from Wacker Neuson, Doosan, Generac, and Atlas Copco.

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Puritan Arctic Equipment Company is a part of The Ventech Group of companies which include Ventech, Puritan Automation and Puritan Arctic Equipment. Ventech Group companies specialize in bespoke equipment, and custom assembly and test machines, in addition to various applications of Ventech's revolutionary Liquid Heat Generator.


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