Autonomous Arctic Bathroom

Autonomous Arctic Bathroom
Autonomous Arctic Bathroom
Autonomous Arctic Bathroom
Autonomous Arctic Bathroom

The Puritan Autonomous Arctic Bathroom is a mobile restroom designed for Arctic operation with minimal maintenance and extended operation. Developed specifically to meets the needs of Prudhoe Bay operators, the facility has been refined based on in-field experience, ensuring reliability, freeze-up prevention and warm operation. Completely powered by the Puritan Arctic Heat Generator AHG2000, heat and lighting is maintained, without shore power or a remote generator, with minimal fuel consumption and attendance.

Trailer Chassis Construction Details

  • Enclosed Trailer with one-piece aluminum roof. 12’ x 8’ x 97” Tall
  • Interior Trailer Height 7’ 6” (floor to ceiling (less ceiling lining)
  • Dual 3500# torsion axles
  • 225/75R15 Radial Tires on galvanized steel wheels
  • Pintle Hitch
  • LED Tail/Brake Lights IPO Standard LED Strip Tail/Brake Lights, or in LED Light Pkg. These lights will be on when the bathroom is operational (independent from tow vehicle)
  • Trailer Breakaway Box, Battery, & Switch
  • Arctic Flex 7-Way Trailer Cable and Vehicle Plug

Facility (bathroom) Layout

  • 24” rear ‘porch’ enclosed with aluminum side walls and roof. ‘Porch’ floor covered with perforated steel mesh. Rear porch used as a wind break during access to rear sliding door
  • LED Porch Light mounted to the left side of the arctic entry door
  • 2 LED Flood Lights with switch mounted to the Porch wall
  • Trailer box split into two isolated rooms
  • Rear room (bathroom) external dimensions of 8’ x 8’
  • Forward room (utilities) external dimensions of 4’ x 8’
  • Aluminum exterior skin (riveted)
  • Rear step to porch with open grating to allow drainage and snow removal
  • Seamless Aluminum Roof
  • Insulated white vinyl ceiling liner (R18)
  • Insulated side walls
  • Solid partition wall.
  • White aluminum ceiling in patio area
  • Trailer floor provides >110% containment of all facility fluids (including fuel)
  • Interior LED lighting in all rooms
  • Rear (wind resistant) Sliding lockable Door

Restroom Fixtures and Hardware details

The Puritan Autonomous Arctic Bathroom is equipped with:

  • Toilet stall
  • Urinal
  • Fresh water storage tank for the purpose of fill and clean out
  • Outside accessible fill and drain ports for all tanks
  • Water required for the toilet tank will be controlled by a 1” ball valve fitted to the storage tank drain outlet.  A 1” ID thick wall hose will be routed to enter the top of the toilet tank assembly
  • Thermostatically controlled room heater
  • Wall mounted bathroom mirror, shelf and coat hangers
  • LED Ceiling lights

Utility Room Equipment

The Utility Room is equipped with one (1) Puritan AHG 2000 “Lite” (Arctic Heat Generator), 12v battery and diesel fuel tank.

Puritan AHG2000 Arctic Heat Generator

The AHG2000 is a robust, compact, auxiliary power and heating system, specifically designed for unattended operation in Arctic weather conditions. 

The AHG2000 provides circulating heated coolant via the Ventech Liquid Heat Generator, Model LHG600, and electrical power via the engine mounted 12v 140amp alternator, keeping the utilities fully operational 24/7.