Arctic Heat Generator - AHG2000

Arctic Heat Generator - AHG2000
Arctic Heat Generator - AHG2000
Arctic Heat Generator - AHG2000
Arctic Heat Generator - AHG2000

The Puritan Arctic Heat Generator Model AHG 2000 is a robust, weather tight, truck-mounted auxiliary power and heating system, specifically designed for unattended operation in the extreme cold weather conditions experienced on the oil fields of Alaska. The AHG2000 provides circulating heated coolant and electrical power to keep the truck’s utilities fully operational 24/7, and operates independent of the truck’s engine. This enables the main engine to be shut down, significantly reducing main engine idling, fuel costs and tailpipe emissions.

The AHG2000 provides 12 or 24V electrical power to keep the truck’s batteries charged for the required electrical demands, and an almost instantaneous flow of heated coolant to the truck’s main engine, and other onboard services. The AHG 2000 produces up to 80,000 BTU’s (~24kW) of heated coolant without flame or electrical power; more heat energy than any other APU on the market.

The AHG 2000 has compact packaging with field serviceability in mind and is built using premium quality materials and components rated for Arctic temperatures. The AHG2000 has been successfully factory and field tested exceeding its intended specifications.

Key Features

  • Arctic Packaging – The AHG2000 is packaged in a lightweight and weather-tight enclosure, equipped with a heated oil pan. All materials are rated for arctic temperatures.
  • High Quality – Powder-coated heavy duty aluminum enclosure, stainless steel fixtures, premium quality & performance rated components to withstand arctic operational conditions.
  • Quick Install – Optional stainless steel, self-sealing quick-disconnect couplings for coolant and fuel, a battery disconnect plug and bayonet style electrical plugs.
  • Reliable Performance - Kubota 3cyl, 24.8HP (18.5kW) 3600RPM, industrial diesel engine with Glow Plugs and heavy duty 1.4kW starter for cold crank starts, provides reliability and performance.
  • Heated Coolant - Ventech LHG600 Liquid Heat Generator delivers an almost instantaneous flow of heated coolant up to the main engine and auxiliary heating circuits without flame, fuel lines or emissions. The LHG600 provides up to 80,000 BTU’s of heated coolant with power adjustment to operate at reduced engine speeds and lower fuel consumption.Higher output is available at higher engine speeds.
  • Electrical Power – a heavy duty alternator provides either 12V 140 Amp or (optional) 24V 100A of electrical power for battery charging and electrical demands.
  • Microprocessor Control – the AHG2000 is controlled by a micro-controller ECU. A Ventech micro-controller provides closed loop servo control functions for the LHG600.
  • In-Cab Control Pendent - provides remote start and operational status indicators for the AHG2000 systems.

Key Benefits

  • Robust & Compact Packaging
  • Premium Quality Components
  • Designed and built for operation in Arctic weather conditions.
  • Removable cover provides all-round access for AHG service and maintenance.

Premium Quality Materials

  • Heavy duty treated aluminum enclosure
  • Stainless steel fasteners, clips and screws
  • Materials and components rated for Arctic temperatures -40°F to -65°F.

Unparalleled Heat Output

  • The Kubota engine coupled to a Ventech LHG 600 provides up to 80,000BTU heated coolant almost instantaneously for vehicle system use.

Rapid Heat Generator (Ventech LHG600)

  • The LHG600 is specifically modified for Arctic operation.
  • Offering innovative State-of-the-Art Flameless Heat Technology, the LHG is equipped with Stainless Steel internals for prolonged durability.

Electrical Power

  • 140A @ 12VDC or 100A @ 24VDC electrical power for battery charging and electrical demands.

Cost Savings

  • Reduced main engine idle time
  • Fast coolant warm-up
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced equipment wear & tear

Environmental Responsibility

  • Significant Fuel Savings
  • Reduced exhaust emissions
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Full containment (110%) of fluid within machine