Design and production of extreme-cold-climate equipment

Design and production of extreme-cold-climate equipment

Posted On: May 05, 2015

The Puritan Arctic Equipment Company (PAEC) originated in 2013 as the outcome of opportunity and necessity.  Sister operation, Puritan Automation, has a deep history of problem solving for its customers by designing custom equipment since the 1950’s.  A valued customer came to Puritan with a variety of issues, all of them dealing with confronting mother nature’s coldest extremes.  At its essence, the job was to enhance the operating environment for the crews and the equipment as they worked through winter extremes.

And so, PAEC was born; its focus being the design and production of extreme-cold-climate equipment.  In its short history, PAEC has successfully fielded equipment across an array of applications.

In terms of numbers, its most popular application is the AHG, the Arctic Heat Generator.  The AHG behaves like a traditional Auxiliary Power Unit in many ways…it provides energy for functions other than propulsion.  The primary benefits include a comfortable cabin and electricity for TVs, radios and Skype.  However, the AHG also provides a huge benefit beyond that of the traditional APU, namely that of a hot stream of coolant pouring through the truck’s engine, and a multitude of peripheral equipment such as sludge tanks and other fluid reservoirs. This makes for an easier start of the truck’s main engine, and once started, it has the diesel engine operating at optimal temperature…sometimes not even otherwise possible in the extreme cold of an Alaskan winter night. The benefits of maintaining the operation of equipment, without extreme idling, are mammoth. Wear & tear, fuel conservation, maintenance, down time, and the Carbon Footprint, to name a few.

In terms of delivering creature comfort, Puritan Arctic’s most popular product is, no doubt, its mobile port-a-john, officially named an Autonomous Arctic Bathroom.  This product has provided the hardy winter work crews of the Northern Slope with a bright, clean, and WARM restroom facility.  Goodness knows that these brave souls deserve a welcoming respite from the elements as they take care of business.

Puritan Arctic has had the pleasure to find solutions to other polar issues.  It has integrated a heating system with several vacuum trucks, whereby the product helps the trucks engine and keeps the driver warm, but also keeps from freezing the slurry pumped from the ground.  The ability to keep the tank above freezing in the coldest of natural ambient temperatures is a huge victory in the industry. We’ve put the same basic system in regular Ford and Chevy diesel trucks to help the engines and the crews.  We’ve put systems in generators to extend engine life and eliminate wet stacking.  The product has even been used in hazardous hydraulic applications where an ‘Intrinsically safe’ and explosion heating systems are required.

No matter the story and how our designs and products end, it is our team’s pleasure to deliver incomparable solutions to your team’s frosty demands.  Give us a call if you have needs along those mentioned above, or pick our brains for ideas on how we might help you with yet-to-be-addressed challenges.

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