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Puritan Arctic Equipment Company (PAEC) designs and builds great machines. We have over sixty years of building complex but reliable machines that are designed to withstand the harsh environments in which they are designed to operate.

In partnership with our sister company, Ventech, LLC, our proprietary heating technology is adopted in many of our machines, enabling mining, logging, transportation, and construction equipment to remain at operating temperature, irrespective of ambient conditions. This ‘engine-off’ technology reduces idling, saves fuel, minimizes wear, tear and maintenance, and enhances the comfort and safety of your team.

With our equipment, the Return on your Investment is real and measureable; Financially, Productivity, and through the legacy of your Carbon Footprint.

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Arctic-rated machines and equipment have become our passion and expertise. We work closely, and listen carefully, to the needs and expectations of our partners and clients in Alaska and around the World.
We design and build tough machines, where others have failed. And we stand behind our products.
For the Alaskan market, we have a strategic presence in Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Prudhoe Bay (Service Center).

In cold weather conditions, it’s vital to use equipment you can rely on.  Failure in sub-zero conditions can pose major problems.

Puritan Arctic Equipment Company has developed a close cooperation with experienced Alaskan heavy equipment experts to give us the inside knowledge of the life in the Arctic.  Puritan is using this knowledge, along with our vast experience, to produce reliable products that handle even the harshest, most extreme Arctic conditions.

Puritan Arctic Equipment Company uses only the highest quality Arctic-rated components.  Along with revolutionary technology from Ventech LLC, Puritan Arctic Equipment Company is developing and producing technology and products for extreme conditions.

We produce extreme equipment for an extreme environment.

Headquartered in Southeastern Michigan, Puritan is based in Wixom, Michigan, a suburb of Metropolitan Detroit. The tri-county area of Metro Detroit covers almost 2,000 square miles. The area is populated with over 250,000 businesses, many (if not most) somehow related to the auto industry and heavy manufacturing.

On the border of Canada, the close proximity to the hub of this great industry affords Puritan to stay abreast of new developments, technologies, and customer-needs.

Puritan’s modern facility includes R&D and manufacturing. All final products are assembled and shipped from our Michigan headquarters.

Puritan has been designing and manufacturing standard and custom machinery for over fifty years with a customer base ranging from the automobile manufacturers both in Detroit and Worldwide, to the Oil companies of Alaska and Northern Canada.

Puritan Arctic Equipment spurred from customer-necessity, demanding high quality and reliable equipment rated for the vigorous and extreme demands of northern climates including the polar caps.

Puritan’s development of heating equipment for mobile applications such as trucks, tankers, generators, and Arctic bathrooms has set us apart from the competition.

Our products out-perform the competition, utilizing proprietary technology such as the Ventech Liquid Heat Generator (LHG) Rapid Auxiliary Heater.

For the Arctic, we are continuously refining products, inspired by customer feedback and recommendations.